Old postcards:
From Echternach past Grundhof to Diekirch
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Chateau de Villers - view

This postcard shows the "chateau de villers". See next card...

Grundhof village

The village of Grundhof with the trainstation, with which it wanted to rival Echternach as a tourist-hub.Train and trainstation have
disappeared decades ago. The farm-houses have been replaced with hotels.

Hotel Bel Vue

On this old postcard, one can see the Hotel Bel Vue, which once had its own trainstation.
Pre-world-war-two-Echternach can be seen in the background.  

Chateau de Villers

The chateau de Villers. It is located between the villages Mullerthal and Grundhof. In the past it had been a popular
tourist-motif on postcards - today it is hidden behind a wall of trees.


Old postcard of the mill in Vogelsmühle. Today this place has been given back to nature.
In the background, one can see the "chateau de villers".

Grundhof view

This old postcard shows the valley of the river Sure. Germany is on the left, Luxembourg
on the right.In the back one can see Grundhof-Gare.

The Heliar Institute

The Heliar-Institute in Weilerbach: Once a synonym of health and nature, it now functions as
a center for refugees.

Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel still stands. The swimming pool along the river Sure (on the left of the postcard) and the
train to Diekirch have disappeared a long time ago.