Old postcards from Echternach
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Echternach: The lake

On this postcard one can see the newly built lake of Echternach. Soon afterwards the plants
started growing, and it would never look the same again.

Echternach: Empty space

Before the second world war there were relatively few houses outside of the city-walls. Today these former gardens
have become part of Echternach-town-center.  

Peter and Paul church

The Peter and Paul Church was the church for the people of Echternach.
The basilika itself had always been for the monks.


Old postcard showing the village of Larochette.


Old postcard with the Larochette-castle. Today it is still in ruins, but the trees inside have been cut.

Echternach: market square

In the good old time, cars were always accepted as part of society. Today they are banned from places
like the market square in Echternach.