Old postcards from Echternach
Echternach: Money

Although this is not a postcard, it is still interesting to see. Before Luxembourg became a member of
the euro-zone, it hat its own money. On this note of 1.000 Frang (25 euro), the major historic
buildings from Echternach are represented.  

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Beaufort: castle and mill

The mill, which used to be located next to the castle has disappeared.

Beaufort: the castle

The castle of Beaufort has been a tourist attraction for many years.  

Beaufort: palace, factory and castle

From right to left: This postcard shows the palace, the factory and the castle. While the palace is still inhabited today,
the castle has been in ruins for many decades. The foof-processing-factory used to provide jobs to the locals during winter.

Echternach: fishing

Old postcard symbolising traditional tourism in Echternach and the Mullerthal.