Old postcards from Echternach
Echternach: The former swimming pool

Not so very long ago Echternach had an official swimming-pool next to the river Sauer/Sure. Today it does not exist any more.
The open air swimming pool has been replaced by a closed one in a "modern" building in the centre of Echternach.
Furthermore today people prefer to swim in the lake - the Sauer unfortunately often is not clean enough anymore. 

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Echternach: The lake

View of the lake next to Echternach - just shortly after it was built: Tody there are many more,
and higher trees around.   

Echternach: pottery

A part of the postcard above: These ovens are part of an old pottery-factory.   

Very old Echternach

This particular postcard shows two trades, or industries (see below) which have disappeared over the
years. Also, in the background there is no lake.    

Echternach: Today and Yesterday

Part of the postcard from above: It is hard to believe, but until about 100 years ago, there were had been a
ship-bulding-industry in Echternach. The river Sure had historically been an important transport-route. 

Echternach: The Orangerie

The Orangerie of the abbey is today a part of the secundary school of Echternach. Today it is not
surrounded by gardens anymore - but by a little parc.