Old postcards from Echternach
Echternach: The pre-war abbey

The pre-war-view of the parc and the old abbey. On the right one can see the old train-station.
Located in the center, the basilika dominates the small town.

Echternach: Inside the
old basilika

The inside of the basilica before the war. In the front one can see the grave of Echternach's saint Willibrord. Today the inside looks different: less decoration and the grave is located in the crypte under the church.
Echternach: From garden to park

The gardens of the old Organgerie of the abbey. Today it looks like a parc and the building is part of a school. In the background one can see the old basilica.

Echternach: The pre-war basilika
Today the basilika looks very different from
its predecessor. Unfortunately we have no photo of
the time after the french revolution, when the basilika
was turned into a china-factory. Its towers were used
as chimneys.

Echternach: Reconstruction of the basilika

During the war for the liberation of Luxembourg, Echternach dad been totally destroyed. This is a special postcard from 1948, with a stamp from whose sale was contributing to the reconstruction.

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