General view of Echternach

Echternach before the Second World War: On the left you can see the former Benedictine abbey (now the Lycée classique Echternach)
and the Basilica, on the left the two old railway stations, which were, unfortunately, demolished in 1975
Old postcards from Echternach
Echternach: The old center

Echternach before the Second World-War. The market-place, the townhall and the pre-war basilica.
Echternach: The old abbey

The main building of the former Benedictine abbey, rebuilt around 1730.  After the arrival of the French troops, during the french revolution,
the buildings were sold by auction in 1797. The abbey became the private residence of the Dondelinger family. The abbey church
was used as their pottery.  Since 1899 the monastic buildings have been used by the Lycée classique Echternach
and a boarding-house for students.
Echternach: The fake postcard

Two postcards from before the war showing the same view: But ...one is real (right) and the other one has been manipulated (left).
Echternach: The "new" marketplace

The historic marketplace after it has been rebuilt after after WW II. Notice the Basilica towers
in Norman style, which have replaced the destroyed neo-gothic towers.
Echternach: The view-point

High above Echternach, from the  view-point Trooskneppchen, tourists have a spectacular view of Echternach,
the Sûre Valley and the lake. The postcard shows Echternach before WWII.
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