Old postcards from the Mullerthal
Mullerthal: The traditional picture

For many years, tourists come to visit the Mullerthal. But this small waterfalls
(the Schiessentümpel) have always been the  symbol of the region.
What you cannot see: It is located right next to a street.

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A Tourist attraction since many decades

Over the years, the sights stayed more or less the same,
but the look of the tourists changed a lot.

Mullerthal: Natural beauty

Sitting on such rocks and observing the nature ... you can feel the peace and tranquility
that only nature can provide.

Mullerthal: The Geierslay

Forest, rocks and nice views are the natural resources of the Mullerthal - or petite suisse luxembourgeoise
(little switzerland), as the region is called in French.

Mullerthal: Forest, rocks and streets

The rocks have stayed, but the cars have changed changed.
If you  do not like to walk, you can do your visit by car.

Mullerthal: The Hollay near Berdorf

The Hollay near Berdorf has stayed a tourist hot-spot over the years. The caves came into being,
because the locals carved grind- and millstones out of the rock here.