Old postcards from Echternach
Echternach: The bridge

The river Sure is dividing the historic town of Epternacum into two parts located in different countries:
Echternach and Echternacherbrück. On the postcard you see boats on the river and women washing cloth. 

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Echternacherbrück: Nature

Different village - same views  

Echternacherbrück: The camping

One of the biggest campings close to the center of Echternach is located in Germany. Since the swimming pool
next to the river was  closed, it is home to the only open-air-pool in Echternach.   

Echternach: Liborius-view

The view of Echternach on this postcard - from the German side of the river Sure, next to the Liborius-Chapel looks perfect, but unfortunately,
taking such a picture from here is impossible without modifying it in photoshop. When you see Echternach, you always have the chapel in your back.
Nevertheless you do have a good view from here. the postcard below is a real view. Although the Liborius-chapel itself looks slightly different today.