Rosport is famous in Luxembourg because of the the mineral water carrying the same name as the village. Although "Rosport" is only sold locally in Luxembourg, you can find it in practically every restaurant. From a touristic point of view, Rosport is a nice little place located close to Echternach on the river Sauer. Thanks to a barrage, in Rosport the river is large enough to be used for aquatic sports. From a historic point of view, Rosport is known as one of the very first places with electronic street-lights.


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What to visit around Echternach

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Not only Echternach itself has many sights to offer, (click here) the area around, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the border regions of the neighboring countries, France, Germany and Belgium are also  worth a visit:

Sights, like Beaufort, Larochette or the Mullerthal are located very close to Echternach. (click here) If you are ready to drive around 40 kilometers, then places like Diekirch, the Moselle or the capital Luxembourg-city are worth a visit. (click here) If you spend mor time in Echternach, you can also organise daytrips to towns further away, like Saarbrücken in Germany, Arlon in Belgium or Metz in France. (click here)
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The German town of Bitburg is not only - although mainly - famaous for its beer. It is located in the middle of a tourist region and close to a lake. Furthermore it was home to a large american military airbase, which now has been bought by an entrepreneur from Luxembourg, who wants to convert the airport into a commercial hotspot.


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Irrel is a small town, located just over the hill from Echternach into Germany. It lies about 15 kilometers south-west of Bitburg and five kilometers north-east of Echternach. Around Irrel there are many natural sights, like the devils gorge, which are worth a visit.


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Weilerbach palace

Three kilometers away from Echternach, direktion Bollendorf, there is a little place called Weilerbach. On the German side of the Sauer, you find a small palace with gardens in a beautiful setting. Next to it you can see ruins from the industrial revolution. All of this region used to belong to the Abbey from Echternach.

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