the lake - der See - le lac

        The lake of Echternach has not always been there. It was built several
        decades ago - in order to make Echternach-town and the
        Mullerthal-region more attractive for tourists. Over the years, the
        lake has succeeded in attracting many people to Echternach -
        but most of them come by car and do not stay overnight.
        Still, there is a campingsite close to the lake.

        Apart from being a recreational center for relaxing, swimming and
        water-sports, right next to it you find a villa a large mansion, from
        roman times. It has been partly excarvated and turned into a museum.  
        Several times during the year, there are special events organised at
        the lake. The most famous of them is the free-entre-open-air-festival e-lake.

The hot-air-balloon-competition:
Get an impression of the event: watch the videos

The e-lake open-air-festival:
Infos, photos and videos

The lake

Postcard of the lake - shortly after is was built
The "Source d'Echternach" next to the lake. A water source which once was commercially used. For more information, click here
Sometimes during winter it gets so cold, that it is possible to practice ice-scating on the Echternach-lake. To see a photo-slideshow from 2011/12, click here
The remains of a large estate from roman times. Located at the shore of the lake.
Echternach - but one can see in the back of the picture, that there is no lake yet.
This estate, called Löschenhaus, was destroyed to make space for the lake.
The night glow during the balloon trophy. If you want to see videos of the event - click here
Picture of the "Löschenhaus", which was destroyed to make space for the lake.
Impressions: Early morning view of the lake.
Summertime pleasures at the lake.